I know this year is only half way through, but Momentus has to be one of my top three projects this year (currently standing at number 1). Put together by designer Evan Stremke, Momentus features 30 defining moments in US history illustrated by 30 cussing-amazing artists. I was lucky enough to grab my first choice on the list and hit the books. (Also Netflix)

Before I go into the project, I'd love to suggest watching Ken Burns' PBS documentary The Journey of the Corps of Discovery narrated by Hal Holbrook. The film traces the 862 day journey of Lewis and Clark and condenses it all into 4 hours. You may think this is a little long for a film, but there was nothing better than pouring a bowl of cereal and substituting morning cartoons for two days.

Originally, this illustration was going to feature their first encounter with a grizzly bear, just because the journal entry was so iconic, but I'm tired of drawing bears. Instead my contribution features day 164, where they arrived at a Mandan village and set up camp. Just to avoid any historical commentary, the Mandan's had more dome-like lodges, but they would use tipis when away and for hunting. Okay? Okay?

If you haven't already seen the whole project, check out the link at the bottom of the post. There is a great line up of artists coming up and four beautiful submissions that have been up since last week.

Click here for more Momentus.


  1. Tommaso Casarini wrote

    World would be worse without textures!
    Fanstastic illustrations, really! The style i prefer!
    I love a lot visitinf creatives’ websites and yours immediately captured my attentions! Clean, clear, easy.
    One day, i’ll have one like this.
    I hope!

    Tommy (Milan, Italy)


    minuscuminusfacplus wrote

    Your project is standing for OWS too :) #OWS
    Charging Bull taken down by occupy tents


    blakesuarez wrote

    Hah! Totally!


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