Einat Admony at Leon's


This Saturday Leon’s Oyster Shed is hosting Chef Einat Admony and her Mediterranean cooking. “Born in Tel Aviv, Chef Admony owns some of our favorite restaurants in New York City’s West Village - Bar BolonatBalaboostaTaim, and the soon-to-open Kish Kash.”

As part of the ongoing Leon's Guest Chef poster series, I drew some letters for the event using a tile pattern found on Bar Bolonat’s site. Then I headed over to Kinko's to hog the oversize printer for some 17 x 22s.




Interview with Print Express

Welp, I finally rolled out of my hammock, made a cup of coffee and answered some questions for a new design blog in the UK... and I'm in good company! Alexander Vidal and Matt Anderson were the first two interviewed and I'm honored to be their third. If you're interested in reading here is the first question to tease you into clicking the link on the right.


Q: Can you give a bit of a background as to how you got started as a designer?

It was pretty gradual. I’m sure all designers started drawing pretty young, as did I, but I slowly recognized I could make a living off of design right before college, which made me quickly realize I couldn’t sit in those big auditoriums. I mean I could, but I wasn’t paying any attention… so I swapped majors. From Organic Chem and physical oceanography to art research and practice. I started freelancing around the same time when a close friend connected me with Warner Music. They had me illustrate some merchandise for Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars, which spurred a couple more jobs to get me started.

AUGUST 20, 2016