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Client projects are one (wonderful) thing, but designing a site to showcase all of those projects is a disgusting world. The struggle is real. Personally, nothing is harder than designing for yourself; trying to figure out what to show, how to show it and when to call it! And yet, who'd have thought it?

After many moons of putting this site together and not testing out Any cross browser compatibility: I have a site! Thanks to the wonderful web gurus over at Squarespace, I was able to piece this together with the bare minimum knowledge of CSS and world-wide-web-code that I know. An even Bigger thanks to my wonderful, lovely, talented and photographing gal, Olivia who is taking on weddings and photography gigs left and right. (ad) She not only squeezed in my little photos, but she put up with a ton of opinions and pacing around the room while I thought things out. She rode along with me to many, many! client spaces to photograph them in action and edited everything with unbelievable speed and poise. Thank you!

And ANOTHER thanks to Nat Gunter. Mon frère spent his Saturday morning without cartoons, while he read over copy, revised descriptions, and proofed the site!

Now for some news. After four wonderful years with Fuzzco and teaching them how to live life to the fullest, I've gone out on my own. When I started working for them back in 2011 we were a sloppy bunch of six. I was a naive little illustrator from Florida, unaware that sometimes designing means mopping the floors, weeding yards, and feeding bees. They've since tripled in size, gone transcontinental, they design their own fonts and make candles! They've challenged me, encouraged me, they've filled my portfolio with some of my favorite projects, and to them I am incredibly thankful!

Without further ado, take a scroll with me friends, and then tell your friends and your parents, and your aunts and uncles!

JANUARY 31, 2016

PHOTOS: Upcoming Project, Bittermilk, and Rustin harvesting Bulls Bay salt