Roald The Lion

Every now and then I get to claim and recycle some of my old designs for personal projects. This little lion has been jumping around the files ever since he didn't make the cut for some Bruno Mars tees and last year Michelle, over at Finkelstein's Center, brought him to plush.

Michelle Jewell makes the best dang toys in town and all of my little cousins have at least one (if not two) of them hanging out in their rooms. I got to spend an hour watching her cut and sew while she worked on another lion for me. She is a sewing maestro and all of her creations take on such beautiful character. If you don't have one of her plush bunny friends sitting near you to chat and drink coffee with, I suggest you click this link and get yourself one! OR get one of those amazing sea creatures she just started making! (We have one and we've named him Theodore and he likes to drink coffee with me, because adults need friends too.)

MAY 16, 2016