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Petri to Patient

For the past few months I've had the pleasure of working with Kevin Swan, the founder of A Life Story Foundation. Kevin was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in February of 2012 and started the organization months after “to raise awareness, funds, and create action to help eradicate the disease.” A mutual friend connected us and told me he wanted to illustrate why funding and a cure are so difficult to secure. I jumped at the opportunity with Brent Clouse in mind for animation. I had worked with Brent indirectly on a couple of projects while at Fuzzco, including the illustrations for this Zenefits video and several Mailchimp icons, and I knew he'd nail the animations again.

From Petri Dish to Patient launched May 2, just in time for ALS Awareness Month, I hope you all enjoy and spread the word. Below is the full animation and a couple illustrations, including a lab rat that didn't make the cut!

Made in the South


The soda boys recently won Best Drink in Garden & Gun’s 2015 Made in the South Awards, and I could not be more stoked to see their labels in the magazine. Not only were the labels produced in time, these guys cranked on building their bottling line and completely customized their warehouse to get these bottles shelf-stable.

“‘My partners and I all worked in restaurants, and we saw great wine, beer, cocktails, and food,’ [Mick Matricciano] says. ‘Soda used to be an interesting thing, but it has gone downhill.’ They set out to bring it back to its more wholesome Southern roots, working with area farms and developing a rainbow of fresh flavors such as honey basil, strawberry jalapeño, and raspberry mint. Growlers of the stuff quickly became favorites at local farmers’ markets, and after three years of trial and error, their creations are now available in shelf-stable bottled versions that taste like soda might have a century ago.” - Garden & Gun

Over the past few years, I've had the honor of working with some incredible clients through Fuzzco. Three of these clients have had their labels appear in the Made in the South Awards: Bittermilk (2013), Bulls Bay Saltworks (2014) and now Cannonborough Beverage Co (2015).

FEBRUARY 5, 2016

Link: Buy soda!