Saved The Date and Our Chickens


Cue You and Me by Penny and the Quarters. I got married to the prettiest gal this past March and thank goodness she was patient with me on our Save the Dates and invites.

As everyone knows, it is damn hard to design for yourself. Especially when you're trying to impress all of your extended relatives, (all of whom think you draw animals just for the hell of it). WELL... I drew some more animals for our Save the Date, so I didn't use that opportunity to show them otherwise. I drew our lovely chickens, and by the time we sent the Save the Dates out, we no longer had chickens.

Olivia and I used to have chickens and their names were: Helen (Black Neck), Aretha, Shania, Fox and Beatrix. For an extra dollar, these chickens came with the house we moved into. So not only did we become first-time home owners, but we became backyard poultry farmers (also for the first-time). Every morning we'd wake up to at least four eggs colored blue and beige, and sometimes almost white; we'd feed them "Happy Hen Treats" to keep them happy and every now and then they got their grub on in the yard.

During the floods last year, we tried and tried to keep their living conditions pristine and by day three we started worrying. By this point, there was just far too much water. We cleaned, limed, shoveled, cleaned, scraped, shoveled and limed and nothing could keep the chicken run dry. When a swarm of flies moved in with our ladies, we decided to call up Rustin and Teresa. They came the next day and took them to their lovely acre in McClellanville, where they moved in with the rest of their chickens and became full on free-range!

In honor of these gals and all of the eggs they gave us, we kept them on the Save the Date and our dear friend Jackie Robinson over at 42 Pressed taught me how to letterpress. I was pretty slow, so she took over after I printed ten... but DANG they came out great. (As you can see... Aretha jumped in front of her name when I exported the file... but whatever.) No one understood the card, so to this day I still draw animals just because...

JUNE 1, 2016


Check out that letterpressin' tooth: