Shark Weekkkk!

This week, in honor of Shark Week, I have been dedicating each night to designing something sharky (ichthyological). I've always been fascinated by sharks; maybe it's the boy thing to do: sharks, dinosaurs, power rangers, dinosaurs and dinosaurs. Growing up on the ocean was probably what kept this interest going. When I started high school my papa bought a book by Peter Benchley called Shark Trouble. It wasn't fictional like most of his others, but it kept me well into this shark craze.

(Aside: I started reading his other books, including one about a giant squid called The Beast, which I think tops his more well-known, Jaws.)

Anyways, this week was always super exciting to me, and I wish that Discovery channel would take more advantage of it. There are so many repeats, even from years ago. A little more education and a little less on attacks would also do these sharks some justice.

Okay, okay... I won't make this post a rant on how my personal opinions can better national television; I'll save that for another day. My own fascination with sharks and marine life, actually this world's fascination with sharks, is truly inspiring. Here is a sample of the work I've churned out so far, but please visit the actual page to see the full project and read about each piece. And check back throughout the week for more work. Happy shark week!

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